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Pure it Pro Shop Shootout

Pure It is proud to present the next installment in the series! This event is going to feature a top prize of $5000 which includes $7500 of added money by Pure It Pro-Shop

As with all our events this will be 100% prepay to get on the roster. We don't hold spots as our events always sell out! This event will be no different than others - the entry fee is just $80 and or any two squads for $150. Payments will be accepted by paying on the, paypal at and be sure to send as friend/family to avoid fees, cash and or call me to use a cc @ 717-679-8225. The refund period for the event is 10 days prior on September 8th. There are no refunds given out on site. 

You can cash in every squad for a minimum of double your entry ($160), but you can only make the finals once. 

Side Action - We will offer unlimited $5 brackets, eliminator, high game pots, combined women's/sr brackets, and the ever popular all-in game 5 pot which averages $1,400+ in pay outs each squad. 

There will be 5 squads to choose from and this will cap entries at 5 people per pair. 40 total will make the finals on Sunday! 1:5 cash per squad

Friday 6:30pm - capped at 50 entries and 5 will make finals

Saturday 8:00am - capped at 30 entries and 3 will make the finals

Saturday 12:30pm - capped at 100 entries and 10 will make the finals

Saturday 5:30pm - capped at 100 entries and 10 will make the finals

Sunday 8:30am - capped at 100 entries and 10 will make the finals

Sunday - desperado squad ($25) will immediately follow the 8:30am squad on the burn - 2 make the finals

Format: The event will be contested on a low ratio pattern, I will announce when finalized. 

All entrants will bowl 5 games of qualifying and the amount of finalists are determined based on squad size listed above, there will be additional checks on each squad based on a 1:5 cash ratio

All Finalist will return on Sunday at 1pm - players will be seated based on their qualifying pin totals. The top 5 seeds will be the leaders of their given squads then followed by highest pin totals. 

There will be 20 head to head matches with 2 game total pin fall being used - the winners move on and the losers go home. After the round concludes the remaining players will be re-seated based on there qualifying rank, so the highest remaining seed bowls the lowest remaining seed. 

The next round will consist of 10 matches and again 2 game total pin matches. Win and advance, lose and go home. 

After this round there will be 10 remaining players and scores and seeding will be dropped! The remaining 10 players will bowl 9 games of round robin match play. Matches will include 30 bonus pins for a win, 15 for a tie. The last match will be a position round and a champion will be determined

If you win this event - you earned it!!!

We will utilize PBA style lane Courtesy during the event and I will be randomly checking equipment to ensure they meet USBC specifications. Please note if using a two handed delivery we will enforce the USBC ruling on weightholes.

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